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Nujiang Shengjia Chengxin Industrial Company Ltd.

Nujiang Shengjia Chengxin Industrial Company Ltd.
Established in 2007 and with a registered capital of 20 million RMB, Nujiang Shengjia Chengxin Industrial Company Ltd. (“Shengjia”) is a company focused on the mining, processing and sales of ore products. Shengjia also specializes in the integration, development and management of mines.
Bordering the largest lead and zinc mine in Asia-Yunnan Lanping lead and zinc mine the Liziping mine is located within the Sanjiang metallogenic belt. The mine is still at the stage of preliminary exploration with exploration of an area of only 4 square kilometers completed with the remaining 14.29 square kilometers to be explored. Based on current exploration results, it is quite promising for turning this mine into another large, high-grade, abundant, Shizishan-like lead, zinc and polymetallic mine.


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