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Mang City Xindi Mining Company Limited

Mang City Xindi Mining Company Limited
Mang City Xindi Mining Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Xindi”) was incorporated in 2002, with a registered capital of RMB 45million. Xindi is a mining company integrated mining and processing, it is focused on the mining and processing business of lead, zinc and silver. Xindi owns the Dakuangshan mine, which is a lead, zinc and silver polymetallic mine. During the exploration process, except high-grade lead, zinc and silver polymetallic ores discovered, the molybdenum which has industrial value has also been found. Xindi will pay more effort to step up the exploration depth and the exploration of the areas which are not included in the company's mining right for the purpose of further increasing the mineral resources and reserves.
The lead, zinc and silver Dakuangshan mine which is operated by Mang City Xindi Mining Company Limited is located in Menghuan Town, Mang City, Yunnan with a mining area of 1.56 square kilometer. According to the current stage geological report, Dakuangshan mine has 118,300 tons of lead metal, 228,800 tons of zinc metal and 216.64 tonnes of silver. The exploration work for Dakuangshan mine is continuing, the mine shows good prospecting potential in the southern and deep part of the mine, and the resources and reserves of Dakuangshan mine are expected to double after the exploration work has been completed. Meanwhile, we have conducted technique improvements to Dakuangshan's old processing facilities and the processing capacity will be increased from 100t/d to 600t/d. The Dakuangshan mine commenced commercial production in December 2012. The designed mining and processing capacity is 600 tpd. the Dakuangshan mine has ramped-up to full capacity since September 2013.


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